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The Conditions of Muslim Refugee’s Travels

During this day and age, traveling is a lot harder, especially for refugees. Ever since the September 11 attacks, the TSA has been established and it has prejudice against Arabian people, specifically the Muslims, racially profiling them as potential terrorists. On top of leaving their own countries, the refugees face numerous other troubles: Do they have enough food for the trip, do they have the proper paperwork and visa, do they have some place to stay once they arrive to their location? The troubles are endless. Even when they do get to a safe place from places such as Syria and Afghanistan, the two counties with the most Muslim refugees, they still have traumatic memories from their home countries. Traveling was supposed to be made easy for everyone, but with airport security monitoring people and targeting Muslims for nothing other than their appearances, traveling becomes a struggle. The only possible solution to this is to have the TSA officers in an education program to increase their understanding of why people are immigrating to other countries to have a better understanding of their lives and avoid making it harder for them. Moving on from the airports and such, the three counties these refugees tend to go to are Lebanon, having refugees from Syria due to the civil war in the country; Jordan, also having mainly Syrian refugees; and lastly, Turkey, also having Syrian refugees, as well some Iranian and Afghan ones.

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