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How We Will Bring the Change We Desire


An image of a jar of money used to represent the donations that AIM to AID will receive.

The AIM to AID team raises money for refugees arriving in the United States, which we receive from online fundraising websites such as GoFundMe and PayPal, in-person events, and grants from various organizations. This money will be given out either directly to refugees or to various refugee services across the nation. As an organization, we have already raised over $10,000, and If you would like to donate so we can reach our goal of over $25,000, you can click the button below!


High Schoolers AIM to AID blog.

The AIM to AID organization has created brochures that will help refugees get accustomed to Houston and its culture. They include the history of Houston, local events, and famous restaurants that serve dishes similar to the countries the refugees came from. We have many plans for brochures, and each one will contain different information; expect to see topics ranging from what to expect from American schools, different sports in the United States, and also common phrases or words used in daily conversations. Most importantly, these brochures will introduce immigrants to the culture of Texas and the United States. For a closer look at our brochures, scroll below!


Food Donation volunteers

At AIM to AID, we have hosted donation drives in order to receive numerous necessities for refugees. We have hosted donation drives in collaboration with other organizations and groups in order to ensure all incoming refugees have ample supplies - including personal hygiene, and other household items - for their new lives. When people first arrive in a new home, these items are needed; we hope that refugees that arrive in the United States already have easy access to these goods. We want to ensure refugees feel secure and comfortable in their new households.


An image depicting the journey refugees take on their path to the United States.

With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need. We will work in many ways to help refugees in Houston adapt to their new environments. Many refugees have trouble upon first arriving in the United States; they may not be familiar with United States culture and feel alienated from the rest of society. We gather volunteers and directly assist refugees and also indirectly assist them by finding ways to provide help without the need for physical interaction. AIM to AID hopes to assist refugees in any way possible to make sure they can adapt to their new environment.


Writer Icon

Our organization created a blog to help further our goals of teaching immigrants on our website, which can be visited by clicking on the Blog page. We use the blog as a way to continuously release information about the etiquette and culture of the US without having to print out physical copies. Along with that, the blog helps teach Americans about the cultures of refugees arriving in the United States. This will be our organization's method for providing education to refugees throughout the nation and also serve as a way for Americans to learn more about the struggles of refugees and gain a greater understanding of the cultures of these migrants. 


An image of social media apps.

As high school students, we understand the prominence of social media in daily life. We at IM to AID have a social media team dedicated to creating posts that are focused on refugees and their cultures that target younger audiences that use social media more often. Social media allows us to spread awareness about refugees to a larger audience and also provides us with another way to communicate with potential volunteers and collaborators. Our social media accounts are located at the bottom of the website; make sure to check our accounts out and follow them!


Below are photographs of some of the brochures we created to assist refugees in learning about US culture and important cities and holidays. If you have any suggestions for topics you would like to see on brochures, please email us!

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