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An image of one of the founders of High Schoolers AIM to AID, Ibraheem Razouki.

Ibraheem Razouki

Ibraheem Razouki currently attends Lamar High School. He was born in Baghdad, Iraq, amidst the Iraq War and was forced to migrate to Jordan with his family; later, he would migrate to the United States. He has tremendous experience leading various organizations, and loves to organize service events. Ibraheem hopes to give back to refugees, since he once was one and knows first-hand how difficult the acclimation is.

CEO & Co-Founder

An image of one of the founders of High Schoolers AIM to AID, Zane Asadi.

Zane Asadi

Zane Asadi is currently attending Michael E. DeBakey High School. He is the child of Iranian and Chinese descent, and his parents and their families emigrated from their countries during the Iranian Revolution and Chinese Communist Revolution respectively.  Zane is very interested in helping the refugees arriving in the United States as he understands the challenge in surviving in a new country with a different cultural and lingual background.

President & Co-Founder




Ryan Kanj

High school senior Ryan Kanj is deeply committed to advocating for marginalized, underprivileged, and underserved communities. His resolve is fueled by personal hardships, which have profoundly shaped his perspective on social equity and justice. Through active volunteer work and leadership, he channels these experiences into a passion for creating meaningful change and offering a helping hand to those facing similar challenges.

Chief Relations Officer


An image of Amira Regaila, a Director of Media at High Schoolers AIM to AID.

Amira Regaila

Director of Media

An image of Doha Shehata, the director of outreach for High Schoolers AIM to AID..

Doha Shehata

Director of Outreach

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Mohamed Mehaisi

Director of Media



Maya Neti

Software Developer


Scott Anderson

Software Developer

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